IASC Conference Registration Module

IASC Conference Module

Welcome to the IASC Conference Module. With this module, you can:

  • upload your abstract
  • upload your final paper after your abstract has been accepted
  • create a personal profile on this module (saving you the effort of entering your personal data for each new conference)
  • register for all IASC-related conferences

This module will contain webpages for all scheduled IASC-conferences. The content per conference may however vary, as some conference organizers may chose to display the content part on a separate conference website.

Please note that fees for all IASC-conferences are considerably lower for IASC-members; as the reduction of the conference fees at least equals the annual membership fee, you will benefit immediately from becoming a member. Click here to become an IASC-member before registering for the conference of your choice.

Are you a new visitor to this module?

Then we kindly ask you to sign up for an account on this module. Your account data will stay in your personal account, saving you the effort to fill in your contact details each time you want to register for a future IASC-conference.


Scheduled conferences